Hello Fellow Traveller,

Journalism is a passion of mine that I’m slowly but surely turning into reality.

I am an enthusiastic, passionate and ambitious journalist specialising in politics and current affairs. For the past two years in my spare time whilst working in financial services, I have worked on my own political blogging website http://www.thewhitehallwhisperer.com.

Using this online platform, I have researched, written and edited on topics including UK and international politics, current affairs, philosophy and science. I have published many articles in respect of the EU referendum and domestic UK political issues.

I liked it so much that I left my job as a Regulated Pensions Administrator and  have recently completed a full-time diploma course in Journalism at the London School of Journalism

I propose to explore the political and social world, its many mysteries and permutations. The purpose of this is to engage minds.

Post a comment…… I guarantee your ideas are just as important as mine.


Robert Simmons

AKA The Whitehall Whisperer

And if you want to know more, feel free to contact me


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